Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle of the Week 2006 Legacy Outback


At Motor City we let you decide how you buy your vehicle. We have available warranties and our own certification program. The pricing below illustrates the Motor City Certified, Warrantied, and As-Is State Inspected Prices.

Motor City Certified Pre-Owned Program $10,994 Included in Price: Updated State Inspection, 12 month 14,500 mile Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, Road Side Assistance, Full Tank of Gas, 2 Free Oil Changes

Motor City Warrantied Program $10,070 Included in Price: Updated State Inspection, 3 month 4,500 mile Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

As-Is State Inspected $9,495 Included in Price: Updated State Inspection

Why Motor City Certified Pre-Owned?

We developed the Motor City Certified Pre-Owned Program for one reason: people buy their vehicles differently. While some want to make sure they are getting the absolute rock bottom price up front, others want to ensure their vehicle ownership experience is both pleasant and stress free. We developed our Certified Pre-Owned Program to ensure we can offer our lowest price up front, while offering extra protections and benefits for a reasonable cost to those who are more comfortable with buying a vehicle with a warranty. We even added some extras with the warranty as part of the program.

What is included in the Motor City Certified Pre-Owned Program?

In order to provide the most value at the most reasonable cost, we have structured the program as follows:

  • 12 month or 14,500 mile Motor Trend Magazine Recomended GWC Certified Plus Warranty
  • Roadside Assistance
  • 2 Free Oil Changes
  • Full Tank of Gas at Delivery

What is Included in the Motor City Warrantied Program?

The Motor City Warrantied Program comes with a 3 month or 4,500 mile Motor Trend Magazine Recomended Certified Plus Warranty. This is an ideal program for those who would prefer to buy a car with a warranty, but are not interested in the full Motor City Certified Pre-Owned Program.

If I do not Participate in the Certified or Warrantied Program, do you still Inspect the Vehicle?

Absolutely. We offer added protections, but that does not mean we do not inspect and State Inspect vehicles. All vehicles we sell come with a 20 day temporary plate, which means they have to pass the New Hampshire State Inspection. Together with our preferred service partners, we strive to deliver quality vehicles regardless of what terms you purchase the vehicle under.